Dr Hemant Kulkarni specialises in issues related to kidney problems in adults and children, hypertension and electrolyte abnormalities; with keen interest in dialysis and transplantation.
For more details on his interests please review his RESUME by clicking here (Resume: Dr Hemant Kulkarni – Wexford Nephrology® – Dr Hemant Kulkarni (drkulkarni.com.au)

Wexford Nephrology is a private practice and gap payments do apply for the professional consultations. We expect full payment on the day of consultation, and then we will be able to transmit your claim to Medicare. Home Dialysis, Renal Donor and Indigenous patients are bulk billed, with no out of pocket expenses.

Active referral is necessary requirement to claim Medicare rebate and should be organised by patient with their health provider.

A “referral” is a request to a specialist or a consultant physician for investigation, opinion, treatment and/or management of a condition or problem of a patient or for the performance of a specific examination(s) or test(s). For certain services provided by specialists and consultant physicians, the Medicare benefit payable is dependent on acceptable evidence that the service has been provided following referral from another practitioner. (Note GN.6.16 | Medicare Benefits Schedule (health.gov.au)

Due to the significant complexity and changes to the co-morbid conditions in these group of patients, this practice does not routinely accept INDEFINITE REFERRALS. Where the referral originates from a practitioner (GPs) other than those listed in Specialist Referrals, the referral is valid for a period of 12 months. Specialist Referrals are only valid for 3 months and needs further renewal of referral from GP for ongoing care in most circumstances.

If your referral is not active (expired) for the day of consultation, please organise a NEW referral as prior to the appointment from your GP. All referrals are preferably sent from your GP surgery by healthlink, email or fax.

Renewed referrals from your GP should include terminology “comprehensive treatment and management plan to assist with management” in the referrals for complex patients including multi-system involvement, advanced kidney disease, dialysis or transplant. This is an requirement to carry out detailed comprehensive reviews on these patients for appropriate management guidance to continue care in community. These reviews with appropriate referrals can be done only once in 12 months.


We expect full payment on the day of consultation or within 48 hours of sending the invoice in an email (with Telephone/ Telehealth Consultation).

Payment options include:

DIRECT DEBIT: BSB and Account Number is available on the Invoice

Credit Card via the link in email (Surcharge applies)

On full payment of the invoice, we will be able to transmit your claim to Medicare.

Out of pocket expenses for the consultations is approximately (as at Dec 2020):

ITEM                             FEE                 REBATE               GAP    

Non-Pensioner       $ 310.00           $134.30           $175.70
Pensioner                $ 260.00           $134.30           $125.70
Transplant               $ 250.00           $134.30           $  75.70

Non-Pensioner       $ 410.00           $234.85           $175.15
Pensioner                $ 360.00           $234.85           $125.15
Transplant               $ 310.00           $234.85           $  75.15

Bulk Billing is not supported, unless approved by Dr Kulkarni, in any exceptional circumstances. 

CANCELLATION CHARGES: • Cancellation Charges of $ 55.00 inc GST (follow up) and $ 110.00 inc GST (For new patients or appointments > 30 min) will apply for cancellations without notice of at least 48 hours

PRIVACY POLICY: Please familiarize with the policy, as your information will be uploaded to My Health Records (if available) for ongoing care in community and access to information in Emergency settings for timely decision making. (Privacy Policy: Wexford Nephrology – Wexford Nephrology® – Dr Hemant Kulkarni (drkulkarni.com.au))

In preparation for the expected COVID-19 Surge in WA following opening of the borders, changes made are summarised here. (IN PREPARATION FOR COVID-19 SURGE IN WA – Wexford Nephrology® – Dr Hemant Kulkarni (drkulkarni.com.au))