Comprehensive Quality Care in Kidney Diseases and Hypertension in Western Australia

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Wexford Nephrology: Comprehensive services for KIDNEY DISEASES, HYPERTENSION and Related disorders.

Wexford Nephrology takes pride in provision of  comprehensive excellent services for individuals with KIDNEY DISEASES (including dialysis and kidney transplantation) and HYPERTENSION.

Dr. Hemant KULKARNI has started the services since June 2004, with expansion of services to the current state. Dr. Kulkarni’s profile is reflected below on this page.

We are pleased to welcome, Dr. Khalil Patankar – Renal Physician, who is joining us from June 2016. This will facilitate provision of more services.

We provide Outpatient Clinic Visit/ Consultations (Murdoch, Armadale and Mandurah) and Inpatient admissions (St John of God Health Care – MURDOCH and Mount Hospital – PERTH).

Patient education in any of the Chronic Disease is paramount and we will endeavor with time to provide with online educational services on the website, in the near future.

The role of the kidneys is often underrated when we think about our health.
In fact, the kidneys play a vital role in the daily workings of your body. They are so important that nature gave us two kidneys, to cover the possibility that one might be lost to an injury. We can live quite well with only one kidney and some people live a healthy life even though born with one missing. However, with no kidney function death occurs within a few days!

Kidneys are the unsung heroes of our bodies and perform a number of very important jobs:

  • Blood pressure control – kidneys keep your blood pressure regular.
  • Water balance – kidneys add excess water to other wastes, which makes your urine.
  • Cleaning blood – kidneys filter your blood to remove wastes and toxins.
  • Vitamin D activation – kidneys manage your body’s production of this essential vitamin, which is vital for strong bones, muscles and overall health.

All this makes the kidneys a very important player in the way your body works and your overall health.
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Our Services

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Outpatient Clinic Visit/ Consultations (Murdoch, Armadale and Mandurah)

Inpatient admissions (St John of God Health Care – MURDOCH and Mount Hospital – PERTH)

Please go through the necessary documentation prior to calling the rooms to facilitate ascertain the urgency of an appointment.

Privacy Policy is available on the website.

Patient Education

High BP and Kidney Disease is a complex and complicated. Empowering patients with simplified information helps in their management.

Click here for information on:

  • Procedures: Renal Biopsy, Various types of dialysis, Transplantation, Non-dialytic conservative therapy
  • Patient education regarding options of treatment of kidney failure: eg. Various types of dialysis, Transplantation, Non-dialytic conservative therapy
  • Dietary Changes and Restrictions in various stages of kidney disease, hypertension, kidney stones and others

Make an appointment

All urgent appointments and inpatient consultations should be made by contacting Dr Hemant Kulkarni, directly by your referring doctor.

Please contact our rooms on 94676361 or fill in the form in contact section for non-urgent appointments.

Original referral letter should be faxed to 08-62101194 prior to making an appointment.

Please ensure you have a valid referral letter, details of all medications and relevant reports available prior to your consultation.



Dr. Hemant Kulkarni is a specialist kidney specialist trained in Australia and Internationally with qualifications in Nephrology.

Dr Kulkarni has established services since 2004 in WA, with excellence in providing quality and comprehensive nephrology services in the state. His passion is reflected with high uptake of home dialysis and transplantation in the state.

He has significant involvement in public system, with involvement in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Research, Academics and Teaching and Statewide Policy Development. List of publications could be accessed on RESUME.

He has trained and established role for WA’s first Nurse Practitioner in Nephrology, who was finalist for the WA’s – Nurse of the Year in Clinical Research for 2016.

He is currently Clinical Head of Nephrology services at Armadale Hospital, and Senior Renal Physician at Royal Perth Hospital ( following reconfiguration of Fremantle Hospital in 2015).

Private outpatient clinics are conducted at main rooms at WEXFORD NEPHROLOGY® at MURDOCH, with visiting services at Armadale and Mandurah.

We believe that continuity of care in patients with any chronic diseases especially any form of significant kidney disease, has significant and definite impact in care provision, provide better clinical outcomes and reduce clinical risks.

He is only one in WA with dual training and accreditation in Adult and Paediatric Nephrology; and comes with significant national and international experience and exposure.