For comprehensive services for ADULTS and children with all KIDNEY & RELATED disorders (including dialysis and transplantation); HYPERTENSION; genetic and inherited renal diseases; and others.


  1. Renal Donor: Info and risks
  2. Diet in Kidney Disease including potassium, phosphate control, dietary regulation for kidney stones, gout and others

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Contact for all locations:

Suite 49, Level 3, Wexford Medical Centre

St John of God Health Care

3 Barry Marshall Parade




St John of God HC, MURDOCH and

Mount Hospital, PERTH

Practicing locations:

Main Rooms:

Suite 49, Level 3, Wexford Medical Centre, St John of God Health Care, 3 Barry Marshall Parade, MURDOCH WA 6150.

Armadale Hospital and Galliers Specialist Centre

1st Floor, F11, 3056 Albany Hwy, ARMADALE WA 6112.

Peel Health Campus, Mandurah

Consulting Suites- North, 110 Lakes Rd, MANDURAH WA 6210.

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