This is an an online payment solution that helps us accept card payments from our clients , without being physically having to be present, giving an option to pay from the comfort of their own home.

A link will be sent to you after generating an INVOICE via an email only.

  • This integration with Pin Payments to our billing system (Coreplus) allows us to:
    • Process payments instantly in coreplus, knowing that client’s credit card details are stored securely with Pin Payments via our integration
    • Email an invoice with a ‘Pay Now’ button attached for credit and debit card payment options for our clients
    • Allows us real time financial reporting with our new payment type method ‘Pin Payments’ to keep track of paid invoices
  • COREPLUS receive an EXCLUSIVE  pin payments rate and these charges will be passed on to the customers:
    • Domestic Visa | Mastercard: 1.5% + $0.25 ex GST per transaction
    • International Visa | Mastercard | AMEX will be charged an ADDED SURCHARGE: 2.9% + $0.25 ex GST per transaction